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In addition to the gorgeous appearance and the many value-adding benefits that brick will offer as a building material, North Georgia Brick products are also tremendously easy to care for and require minimal upkeep. As a mildly porous material that contains no living nutrients, brick will trap minimal moisture and prevent mold and mildew growth. However, an occasional cleaning at the changing of the seasons will ensure that your brick property shines throughout the year as the weather patterns change. Here’s a quick guide to cleaning exterior brick and removing dirt, grime, and other natural elements when needed! 

  • Review Your Brick Type – With a wide range of brick finishes, colors, and mortar options available, your cleaning procedure will be determined by the type of brick within your exterior. Download our “Brick Cleaning” pdf and refer to Table 1 “Quick Guide for Cleaning Brickwork” to find your recommended Cleaning Method such as Hand Cleaning, Bucket and Brush cleaning, Pressurized Water, or Abrasive Blasting, and any specific Remarks to consider.
  • Choose the Proper Brick Cleaner – Similarly, it’s important to pair the appropriate brick cleaning solution to clean your exterior without using harsher commercial chemicals than needed. Generally, a 50/50 vinegar and water mix will be an ideal natural cleaner that can handle a residential exterior with ease and restore a pristine appearance!
  • Protect Adjacent Areas – Before cleaning, protect adjacent windows, doors, trim, and all non-brick materials with tarp or plastic to prevent any harmful effect from your brick cleaning solution. Remove large mortar tags using wooden paddles or nonmetallic tools beforehand, and consider covering nearby plants, garden beds, or prized vegetation to prevent accidental contact with acidic solutions. 
  • Identify Specific Stains – If you identify any specific stains such as algae, moss, mud build-up, raw egg, or graffiti, make sure to refer to the Removing Specific Stains section of the pdf to ensure that each stain is removed appropriately. Different offenders can require different cleaning methods and this step will prevent any damage to your brick underneath.  

Now that you have taken proper preventative steps, it’s time to clean your brick exterior! Here are a few additional tips for best results: 

  • Test Your Brick – First, test your brick absorption rate with water to determine your cleaning pace. If you spray your brick exterior with a hose and it turns dark immediately, clean the brick in small areas at a time. If your brick doesn’t change to a darker color, you can clean up to 100 square feet of your brick at a time. Next, test your cleaning method and solution on this sample area and let the section dry completely. When you are satisfied with the results, you are ready to clean the entire brick exterior.
  • Use Plenty of Water – As you begin to clean the brick exterior from the top down, use a garden hose to saturate the area- and the area below it – with plenty of water first! This is not only the best practice for cleaning your brick, but it will also prevent streaks from the cleaning solution and any loose dirt that can run down the exterior.    
  • Apply Brick Cleaner – Using the appropriate cleaning method and proper cleaning solution that you have already identified, apply your brick cleaner to the area that you have saturated with water. Follow your procedure and either scrub, power wash, or hose down the area well.
  • Rinse Completely – After cleaning a section of your brick exterior, rinse it completely with plenty of water to ensure that all cleaning residue has been removed. Just as you wash the exterior from the top down, follow this same direction as you rinse to keep the finished results even and streak-free. 

Whether you want to clean the brick on your home, an archway in your outdoor space, walkway, or mailbox, follow these steps to keep this low-maintenance material dazzling. Make sure to visit our Cumming and Cartersville showrooms to complete your undeniable curb appeal with gorgeous brick elements!

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